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The LongCat difference

Whether you’re a newly-minted landlord or a seasoned veteran you’ve probably come to notice that the buy-to-let market isn’t what it used to be. While some may refer to the life of a landlord as “passive income” any landlord worth their salt knows that there’s nothing passive about it.

Landlords must find themselves torn between investing a great deal of time and effort into managing their properties… Or they need to take a substantial hit on their profit margins with a letting agent.

But at Long Cat Ltd. We see things differently. 

A host of residential property management services

We aim to provide a comprehensive array of residential property management services to take the legwork out of letting out your investment property. We offer comprehensive tenant services meaning that you can relax in the knowledge that only properly checked and vetted tenants will stay in your property. We’ll even take care of the legalities to ensure that your contract meets all the legal obligations.

We also offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your investment property in tip-top shape. With honest, transparent pricing and “best value” quotes you can always be assured of value for money.

You can enjoy one of these services on its own or both as a comprehensive package for all your landlording needs.

Affordable and competitive

We believe in providing affordable solutions to property owners so that they can be assured that they’re getting the very best deal and insulating their profit margins. Residential property is, after all, a business like any other. Why pay more for a quality vendor?

Bringing you the best service

We pride ourselves on our ability to form strong professional relationships with our clients and deliver that all-important personal touch in an increasingly impersonal business landscape. We work hard to ensure that every client enjoys a service that’s geared towards giving them the support they need. No more conversing with bored drones in call centres. Just quality, client-led service each and every time!


Residential Property Management

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Commercial Services

As our business offers tailored solutions, our pricing policy offers the same so whatever your problem, we can offer an affordable solution. Thats a promise!

About Us

Where it all began


After 30 years of working in Property & Facilities I realised that the 'service' that wasn't on offer to my clients, was actually service!

I hated not being able to give my clients the service they wanted - instead I was limited to services that produced the biggest profit margin.

So LongCat ltd was born..

What you require determines our approach - and the price!

So call us.  We can help.

Marisa A Mansfield - MD

Our Approach


We don’t charge you for the lattes we drank while getting to your property, we only charge you for the work we actually do and we pay for our own lattes!

Why Us?


Whether you are a residential landlord looking for property management services, or a corporate, start up or 3rd sector organisation looking for bespoke and affordable Property & Facilities Management solutions, LongCat is here to help. 

We don't offer 'cookie cutter' solutions, our business is designed to help you in a way that suits you - whether you require tenant services, property or facilities maintenance or anything in between, speak to us!


We love to celebrate service excellence

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Call or email on;

07956 574250


or via this website

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Finally, the boss got round to sorting out our email addresses - you can reach us on admin@longcatltd.com


We are happy to provide contact numbers/emails for our lovely clients so that you know we didn’t write them ourselves 

Offers & promotions

We know how hard it is to find management services that you can trust so we are offering new clients a 5% inclusive tenant and maintenance package - guaranteed for 12 months!


We're always interested in hearing from freelance consultants interested in working in a supportive enviroment where self starters are rewarded!

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Why are you different?

  • We don't take on more properties than we can handle - and we don't discriminate between single or multiple property portfolios.

Why should I use you?

  • Because of our competitive pricing structure, our extensive experience in property and facilities management and because we are lovely!  Now isn't that worth a call?




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